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Do you think you can get cool by just winding down the window and sticking your head out? When a really hot day rolls around you will be wishing that thought hadn't crossed your mind. Not to mention the racket coming from the kids complaining in the back! Also, studies have shown that winding down the windows, especially at high speeds; reduces the efficiency of the car and ends up costing you more in the long run.

What does all this mean? If your air conditioner is broken now, you should get it fixed or you'll regret it.

The Kool Kats at Rev-Tech Mechanical will have your aircon problems diagnosed and fixed in no time. Our workshop is located in Everton Hills, near Brisbane - we hope to see you around the workshop soon.


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Some of the common auto air conditioning problems we encounter are;

  • Squealing noise - this is usually a result of a loose fan belt. The noise will probably get higher pitched when you turn the fan up if this is the problem
  • The air isn't cold or not as cold as it used to be - there could be several reasons for this, including; an evaporator problem, condenser problem or compressor problem. These elements can suffer from electrical and other faults or components can just break from wear and tear. This could also be a result of refrigerant being low and needing a ‘regas.'
  • The air isn't blowing at all - a deeper problem with one of the elements mentioned above or a problem with the fan
  • Rattling noise - the fan has probably come loose
  • Bad smell - often happens as a result of the evaporator tube becoming blocked and water going stagnant in there and making the bad smell
  • Water under the car - Just kidding, this is normal! Don't be alarmed it you find water underneath your car after the air conditioner has been on because this is meant to happen.


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