Diesel Mechanic


Looking for a diesel mechanic in the Everton Hills area? For a no fuss service, bring your car into Rev-Tech Mechanical on South Pine Road. Many people are finding themselves with large vehicle service bills because they haven't been taking their diesel vehicles in to be serviced at regular intervals or as per their log book. Impurities in your fuel in a petrol engine will affect the performance of your car but impurities in your diesel can cause significant damage because the fuel and engine are under a much higher pressure.


Our diesel services include;

  • Changing oil
  • Changing fuel filter
  • Checking brakes
  • Checking pipework


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Log Book Servicing & General Servicing

Your vehicle should have come with a log book from the manufacturer telling you how often to get a service and providing some more specific information for us about what parts should be serviced when and the kind of wear patterns to expect.

If your car / vehicle is older and past the point covered by the log book then you should still get it serviced at regular intervals. When you bring your vehicle in we can let you know how often you should come back for a service.


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